Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A response to a challenge

On Monday, Memorial Day, a challenge was thrown out by this Blog - to write everyday for the month of June and become better at blogging. So I am entering the challenge.

With ISTE 2010 coming this month I am already getting excited and actually looking forward to getting to Denver. Texas is already starting to heat up and I am worried that we will have another summer like the summer of 1980. That was the year we had 59 straight days over 100 degrees. Let's hope not.

For those going to Denver there have already been several posts about what to do when you get to the conference. Beth Still has been very vocal in leading the charge to help "newbies" to the conference or those who are there for the first time or maybe even a second time but still unsure as to what to do or where to go.

I truly believe that one of the things that happens to many of us who attend is that our school pays for us, and we feel very obligated to see as much as possible to take back to our schools and that means back to back to back sessions with no time to truly reflect.

After 12 different NECC/ISTE events, I can assure you that you must take time to reflect, talk, relax and renew yourself while you learn. Yes you will still go back a better person for having gone and you will be able to help your school move forward. Trust yourself. Learn by listening, asking questions, talking to people you don't know, be willing to reach out to others and enjoy yourself.

The boat show of a vendor hall will be full of people all talking about how their product will cure what ails education at your place by using the the latest buzz words associated with education. Don't get me wrong, I talk to MY vendors and I also walk the entire hall over the three days there but I go in with an idea in mind. Have a focus on what you want to find out and then go for it. Not all at one time, spread it out.

When your head starts to swim or your eyes start to glaze over, sit down relax, visit the Blogger's Cafe and meet some folks and decompress. You will survive. I also look forward to meeting you so don't be shy.

Lots to learn and so little time.

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Kim said...

I think it's like that with any conference-- in my experience, folks tend to come with a colleague from their district or their school and that's the person they converse with. I think we really start to grow when we begin networking with people from other systems... It's even better when we can continue the conversation via the web long after the conference is over!