Friday, May 21, 2010

Support Is Just a Question Away

In my previous post, I spoke about needing to talk with someone. I had some things running through my head and I wanted to make sure I wasn't off base. I just needed some good feedback. If this had taken place 3 years ago, well, first of all I would not be here, I would not have a group of people that I have networked with and I surely would not have made a Skype call to Canada or anywhere else for that matter ( I wouldn't have a MBP either but that is a whole other post someday.)!

I have heard it called a PLN (Personal Learning Network) or a PLE (Personal Learning Environment) or just NETWORKING. It matters not how you refer to it or what you call it, I truly do think however it is important to make connections with others with a broader scope than yourself. I feel that I am somewhat knowlegable in the tech world but as an icon once said "A man has got to know his limitations," and trust me I know mine.

So it came down to reaching out and I had seen Dean Shareski online through some tweets he had posted so I thought I would give Dean a shout. Not only did Dean respond, but I am sure that I could have reached out to just about anyone that was online and gotten some very good feedback to my questions that I posed to Dean. As it turned out Dean was the one I chose that day.

Too often 140 characters are not enough and the need for some genuine feedback where you can at least hear tone in the voice, or even with Skype, see the other person and their facial expressions are so very important. If you are in my network or I am in yours, please know that if you think I can answer a question or lend an ear for what you are working on I am more than willing. I know there are many out there that would also be willing and available, just call. We can't be afraid to ask, we can't be afraid of who we ask, because I think we are all truly in it for the right reasons.

Too often we get frustrated in our buildings or districts and then we are no good to anyone. We are here for the students, the learning, the possibilities and I am glad that I have that many more possibilities as a result of everyone out there. Thanks for being there Dean and responding.

So much to learn and so little time.

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