Monday, March 17, 2008

The water is fine or is it?

As I write this I am grateful to people like Miguel Guhlin and many others that I have been introduced to by him, though not personally. As I have gone to make comments on other's blogs and their musings, I have felt bad since I did not have a "web address" to add when leaving a comment. Tonight I read Kathy Cassidy's blog and thought it is time to dive in to the pool. While I always felt better standing in the shadows and helping other people get there, I felt it was time enough for me to join in and try to make a difference, that lead by example type of thing.

What kind of difference? Who knows, one idea, one person, maybe start a movement...well let's just stick with keeping my head above water and only stirring enough thought and maybe enough trouble to stay out of the really hot water until the right time.

I am a Director of Technology for a Catholic School in Dallas known as Bishop Dunne. I have been there for 31 years as a teacher, coach, administrator and I am fortunate enough to have been educated there many moons ago. I am a 1972 graduate of the school. My entire family - 5 other brothers and sisters - graduated from BD.

I was ordained a deacon in the Catholic Church in the summer of 2006 and I have been assigned to Holy Spirit in Duncanville, TX. Needless to say that is where staying out of the really hot water with some opinions comes from so I guess I will stick with what is going on in the ed tech world that I know and experience.

If you are a twitterer, I am paulrwood. Back soon hopefully with some more from my world as I hopefully share my vision.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to know that I have given someone the nudge, just as others have done it for me. Keep up the good work! Kathy

Mr. Stevens said...

Yours should be a great addition to the world of public thinking. Now that wrestling season is in a transition phase I look forward to also getting back in the game. I will have to review my previous draft posting to make sure they are not completely outdated. Having another active blogger in the school should he keep me active.