Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wireless, ebooks and maybe paperless!

This week our students begin their orientation camps for the new school year. By Thursday all of our students will be in for classes. It will be an exciting year this year with a lot of changes taking place. We have asked our students to bring some type of connectivity so they can be hooked up to the wireless that we put in last summer. While a fee was charged each student for books, the school will supply whatever book is available for the class be it electronic format or hardback. Our students have email online, file storage online, learning management accounts online for their classes as well as the ability for electronic turn in of homework. We are truly encouraging our teachers to go as paperless as possible. We will see.

I hope to summarize each week how things go this year as we venture in to this area. I am sure there are some other schools doing this but I have not heard as of yet. I hope everyone has a great year and you are able to help implement the change that is needed at your school or district. Be the change you want to be in the world. (Ghandi)

So much to learn and so little time.


Mark Carls said...

Great post and glad to hear what's happening down there. Good luck on another school year. Hoping more of our schools start to go paperless as well. I particularly like to hear that your hooking up the students devices to use on the wireless. Teach them how to use the tech responsibly.

Chris Fancher said...

I definitely plan on keeping up with what you guys are doing over there. It sounds exciting and I hope we can incorporate some of those ideas for the next school year.

ItIsIRick said...

I really think paperless is more than possible with all the tools that exist. I have a feeling that the paperless concept will be easier for the students than the teachers. I wonder how parents will deal with the paperless concept. They will have to go online to see the work their child is doing. Personally, I would rather go online to see my child's work. Now I basically look through it and recycle.

Have a great school year. Every teacher should know that they have the second hardest job in the world behind being a parent.

Paul R. Wood said...

Mark thanks for dropping by. Hoping to make it a seamless transition this year but I am sure we will have some bumps along the way. Have a great year yourself.


Paul R. Wood said...

Chris, Thanks for checking in on us. We continue to progress for sure. THe next step will be setting up a vlan and maybe some additional bandwidth.

Have a good year and stay cool.


Paul R. Wood said...


Thanks for stopping by. We are really stressing the paperless part and will see how that work outs. I will keep people posted on all of this as we move forward.