Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lone Star Edubloggercon

This year at Texas Computer Education Association, the powers to be decided to give an Edubloggercon a chance to work. I am sure that they are probably glad they did. However, later talking with some folks who wondered what I had gone to see, they asked for an explanation of exactly what an eubloggercon is and why should they attend?

Just so you know an edubloggercon is not simply about blogging. It is a one day "unconference" conference that gives people who are passionate about something a place where they can let others know not only about their passion but also a chance to enter into conversations with others who have that same passion. A place to share and learn and talk openly as opposed to the traditional sit and get of a conference.

At varying times yesterday we had close to 75 people in different rooms talking about Moodle, or podcasts and how to build their own pln and people truly seemed to be enjoying themselves. The day ended with a panel discussion on how best to get teachers more invovled in 2.0 tools and such. The passions came out during that session but yet remained civil enough to have the discussion. A fun time was had by all.

Many thanks to TCEA for allowing the Edubloggercon to happen and making the space for it, thanks also to Steve Hargadon for allowing us to advertise Lone Star Edubloggercon on the origianl Edubloggercon wiki and thanks to those who showed up and took a chance on something you knew nothing about. I hope you were able to take away something new as a result.

I know I did. I am now looking forward to ISTE 10 in Denver and Edubloggercon there.

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