Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lead, Follow or ...well you know!

Today I had the chance to go to the TEC-SIG Spring 08 meeting held in Austin. In the past, I have been unable to go as we have been so swamped at school that it was not feasible. A couple of years ago, we were asked to fill out a survey and one of the questions was about video streaming, podcasting, etc. and how would that affect my attendance at meetings. Well if I can't get there to begin with, it would seem that my attendance is already greatly affected.

I am blessed with a great boss and a wonderful, although sometimes frustrating situation at work. We all know how that is, sometimes things just don't want to work right and no matter how hard everyone tries, is there ever enough money? That being said I am glad I am where I am and the situation I work in for sure.

I asked for time off to come to this year's meetings and I had actually thought about runnng for office to try and make a difference. Several friends that I have made through TEC-SIG and TCEA were unable to make it and yet we, the supposed leaders of technology and innovation for our schools, were unable to either podcast, or ustream any of the meetings "due to leagal issues."

It is time that we all make use of the tools that are easily accessible to all of us so that we can make available to all events such as this. With only 76 people here along with budget cuts, gas prices, etc., we have to connect and communicate the mission of this group in each and every way possible. We must continue to spread the word and we can do it with conferencing, live conferencing but we have to have leadership, solid, forward thinking leadership.

Lead, follow or at least get out of the way so that we can help to keep others connected. As @ijohnpederson says SHARING is what it is all about. Let us use the collective to our advantage as opposed to charting the same, stale static course. If we are the leaders then there is only one thing left to say: LEAD!!!


Scott S. Floyd said...

Gotta agree with you big time here. An organization that represents a group should do just that, represent. TCEA is sorely missing in this respect.

I know there are many members quite content with what they are getting out of TCEA. If I were not involved and in the position that I am in, I might be content as well. But the resources I am relying on TCEA to provide are only provided if I drive to Austin and miss a few days of work. I cannot always do that. Yet, I am left in the cold by TCEA because they don't feel I am good enough to get the information unless I am there.

The legal comment by them is a cop out. Many, if not all, presenters would give a hardy "Heck ya" to have themselves put on the net via a podcast. It only serves to spread their word to a larger audience. TCEA should be doing this itself, but they prefer to stand back and regulate instead of innovate (or in this case at least do what our elementary kids have been doing for a few years). What kind of leadership is this?

John Maklary said...

Hey Paul,

Since I couldn't make it up there, I second your motion to make the meetings more open. Legal issues? WHAT legal issues? Seems given the positive experiences people have had using Ustream and the like, TCEA would encourage more openness to their meetings.

Mr. Stevens said...

I have to agree with point and that of John and Scott regarding the legal issues. To me people who cry foul and cite legal issues often are not doing what they should. Especially when the legal issues revolve around podcasting and uStreaming of presentations. The presenters are in a public setting, so what would they not want others to hear. Call me old fashion, but I thought the purpose of PRESENTING is to SHARE PUBLICLY.

You also bring up a great point regarding the use of Web 2.0 apps. It is sadly noted that we as a group who seeks out innovative ways to use new technologies rely on 18th century resources. With the price of transportation, the size of Texas, and the tight budgets of most schools we SHOULD be using uStream and similar tools to bring in more people and reduce the costs to our schools. Aside from the fact that if we do not demonstrate and play with these tools how can we insist teachers should.

Several good points by Paul and comments by Scott and John. I am starting to rant, so I'm out.

Enjoy your day,


Paul R. Wood said...


Thanks for the input. It was painful sitting there and being professional. I hope that it all works out because I think the life of this group and organization is hanging in the balance and we can no longer accept the status quo. Got to admire Gandhi when he said "Be the change you want to see in the world."

Thanks for stopping by.