Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Message should be the Medium

I learned a tough lesson this week. Our annual GeoTech conference was taking place at the school with some great keynoters and presenters. I was asked to present on a couple of different topics and was looking forward to it.

In all my years of being a technology director I have presented or been a part of 6 presentations total, so I am not fluent by any stretch of the imagination. I have alwasy been the support for others who have presented. I decided I would use Prezi for my first presentation titled Building and Maintaining a PLN. I got so focused on the tool itself -Prezi - that I didn't cover my topic the way I wished that I had. While my focus should have been the message it wasn't and as a result the presentation lacked a great deal. I truly feel that if I cover the topic as well as possible the tool should not matter, even though I know that presentation has a lot to do with it. I believe a fully functional message will pretty much take care of itself. The way it is presented is icing on the cake.

So, on to the next opportunity to present which will be in May at Region 10 and an attempt to fully convey the message that I have been asked to deliver. I thank all those I have watched present that always get their message across. I will be watching them much more closely.

Still so very much to learn.